This division
Heet is well-established in metal fabrication and steel decoration work and it is known as Ornamental Division.
Here, we decorate the steel by hot forging, pressing, twisting and hammering with the help of machines to get the desired shapes and designs. Steel bars are passed through the special designing machines to get the intricate textures.


We also manufacture loose decorative articles like leaves, flowers, lock covers, etc. from metal sheet and they are decorated by pressing in to the machines.
We use these decorated steel in the fabrication work of gates, handrails, balcony railing, staircase, window grills to enhance their beauty. We also supply these decorated steel in the local market as per the design and requirements to help the other manufacturers.
We have a showroom, where we display our products, both finished products and loose decorated steel articles.


Our Interior Designing group will furnish the full design requested by the customer.
We offer him the study of the site to give him the most suited design. More than one proposal are usually submitted to the customer to select the desired one.